Vicki is an exceptional practitioner within her field of work, highly professional, trustworthy and most importantly, massively effective in the methods she utilises. She offers a range of therapies which are quick, practical and quite simply life changing, providing clients with results and strategies which are sustainable for a lifetime. I would endorse and encourage anyone with a psychological problem to see Vicki as she will turn your life around!" Police Staff

Vicki's skills, temperament, tact and humanity have always impressed me. The occasion I worked with her in a sensitive and at times emotionally charged situation involving one of my team I was helped tremendously by her caring but firm and no-nonsense approach, not to mention a deliciously wicked sense of humour. Vicki's down to earth professionalism linked with her ability to humanise the situation we were in was inspiring and I hope you get the opportunity to work with Vicki to understand what a joy she is. Police Staff  Manager November 23, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for the Trim training course that I attended at [our]MRT base over the weekend. I thought the weekend was not only fascinating but very informative and the manner in which it was delivered was excellent.

I would like to say how interesting and enjoyable I found the training for TRiM. A MRT team member.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your input at the training course yesterday. I found it absolutely fascinating and I feel sure that it will help me in my role as a manager if my staff are ever faced with stress/trauma. A manager.

Just a quick email to express my thanks to yourself and Rosie for an excellent course. It makes such a change to attend a course that is both worthwhile and informative. A police sergeant. (TRiM training -Trauma Risk Management )

You gave us a fascinating and amusing afternoon – and I learnt a lot to boot!  Police Inspector. (Stress and trauma)


I have now found healing from the PTSD that was caused by a number of events during teenage years - it took years of suffering  to realise that I needed to do something about it. Now, after a series of meetings with Vicki Hastings, I live life armed with the techniques and knowledge she taught me. My advice to anyone is to see Vicki now - don't suffer for years like I did. (Name withheld - Cumbria)

Over a period of 40 years of suffering I had lost faith in the services and support offered by the NHS. I simply could not face the trauma of 'one size fits all' counselling ever again. Then I met Vicki Hastings who in just 60 minutes gave me hope, insight, and practical techniques and therapies that are effective, evidence-based, and work with the physiology of the brain. I am now on a firm road to recovery. A North Wales Child Abuse Survivor. 

I have known Vicki on a professional basis for several years. I have sought help from her following a number of traumatic incidents I attended in my role as a police officer and also an incident which occurred in my private life. I was sceptical at first but I have to say her treatment was amazing. It worked first time and it actually equipped me to be able to handle such incidents better as I learnt how to handle my memories. I can't recommend her enough. Police Constable

I am still off the drink and not counting the days any more! I’m back at work and happy.  Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you. (An alcoholic)

You got me back on track and I’m happier than I can remember. (A man with depression)

I can’t believe those awful memories of the incident have gone.  I shall be recommending you to all my comrades. (A soldier).

My husband and I are back to normal and the children have told us how much nicer things are!  Thank you. (a couple)

You have encouraged me to look to the future and plan for change.  And it works!  The dark days are all but gone.  (survivor of bullying)

I have been terrified of birds for over 40 years.  After our session I went into the henhouse and collected these eggs for you.  My family can’t believe I am totally without fear – I can never thank you enough. (Bird phobia)

I will never be able to repay you for removing all the nightmares I’ve lived with for years.  I could never tell anyone about the abuse from ******.  I don’t get headaches any more and I’ve slept right through ever since our last meeting. (survivor of domestic violence)